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While the idea of the Elevation Application has changed, the feature sets included has changed, and well to be honest almost everything about the application has changed, the only thing that has not changed is our desire to create an application for trainers, therapists, and all other fitness professionals that can replace their dependance on the all mighty clipboard, pencil, and paper.  Release these individuals from the burden of performing a valuable work process, tracking client progress, in a way that adds little value by itself.  

What really does this mean though, what tangible result are we looking to achieve at the end of the day?  Most simply put, our measure of success for this first release of the application is when a trainer, therapist, or fitness professional starts to work with a client and chooses to create, track and report on their client’s workouts/exercises in our application rather than on pencil and paper.

Some have asked, and other will continue to ask, why would we want to do this?  The current workflow/process is not broken and is a simple and inexpensive solution to the problem of tracking results.  While I do not dispute these facts, there are three very basic reasons why we have developed our application: 

  1. Pencil and paper does provide a solution for logging client progress, but that is it.  Without a substantial increase in time and effort, the factual data-driven feedback loop to the client does not exist.  Elevation targets and eliminates this increase in time and effort, providing a client feedback loop that is WORRY AND STRESS FREE.
  2. While working with clients, there a many competing priorities.  Assessing the clients well being, looking at posture and form, making sure the next piece of equipment is available, remembering what they did last time, reporting, record keeping, and so on and so forth.  With Elevation it takes LESS TIME, ENERGY, & EFFORT to perform the supporting tasks to a very high degree of accuracy, resulting in an increased focus on the number one priority, the client.
  3. Client workout/exercise historical report is something that almost does not exist within the industry today.  Providing workout reports, body/goal reports, workout-to-workout comparison reports, and many many others to clients in our application only requires the PUSH OF A BUTTON.

“I would rather someone practice the movements that relate to their goals than just picking an exercise because of its reputation.” Matthew Danizger of True Movement in New York City

Believe it or not, one of the most difficult aspects of creating our application was the creation and development of our exercise and workout database.  It seems simple right, list a bunch of exercises put them in order and then presto you have a “World Class” database full of professionally created exercises/workouts.  Unfortunately it wasn’t that easy, especially when you have a team full of perfectionist.  Our team (specifically Ruben Guzman & Guido Van Ryssegem) spent countless of hours developing the framework of the database, writing exercise descriptions, and editing photos, but yet with the 1200 exercises released to the public in our database we have only scratched the surface of what is needed.  

Having knowledge of exercises and their associated movements is as fundamental to a personal trainer, athletic trainer, or physical therapist, as a brush is to a painter or hammer to a carpenter.  They are your tools that are required to perform your job.  Currently you use your memory and others around you to recall and feed your toolbag of exercise, which for the most part serves you quite well.  While elevation has no plans to replacing your memory (if we actually could do that I think we would be in the wrong business), but we would like to give your mind a break from thinking about exercises and allow our database to do that for you.

While we have made considerable steps in getting the exercise database ready for our release, to get ultimate buy-in we need your feedback.  We need to know what we is missing, what is slow or cumbersome, and what can be done differently to speed the process up.  So as you go through the application give us your feedback and we will do everything that we can to give you what you need.

The Elevation Team has reached a substantial milestone this past week.  After months of hard labor, heated discussion, and many of late nights, we have finally released our first version of the iPad Application.  Click here to check it out our FREE application Elevation Fitness.

The objective of our first release is to show ourselves and our clients that an iPad Application can be just as fast, if not faster than using pencil and paper when managing and tracking client workouts.  This means that our application has been specifically designed to:

  • Add/Manage clients
  • Quickly and easily create workouts on the fly
  • Develop and save template workouts to future use
  • Track both assigned and completed values for exercise
  • Manage body measurement and goals
  • View historical records of previously performed workouts

While our focus has and continues to be the development of a product that replaces the need for pencil and paper while managing a client’s workout, our longer term focus is to use this data to provide amazing and motivational reports and stats.  Specifically, we are looking into providing historical workout by workout comparisons showing progress as compared to the previous completed workouts.

We would like to thank everybody for the support in the development of the application and very much look forward to our journey ahead.  Thanks